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SocialMediaHistory – History on Instagram and TikTok

History is popular. Especially on social media. The project ‘SocialMediaHistory’, consisting of historians and members of the general public, aims to examine how history is represented, perceived and/or falsified on Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, we want to show which historical narratives are rarely or never told and whose perspectives are marginalised. We, the core team at ‘SocialMediaHistory’, consist of members of the universities of Hamburg and Bochum as well as the Kulturpixel e.V. ‘SocialMediaHistory’ is a citizen science project, which means that members of the public and scientists work together on establishing methods and processes of research, in addition to evaluating and publishing their collective results. Using online-meetings and workshops we collectively create tools for analysis and test ways of representing perspectives on the past on Instagram and TikTok.