After the introduction by @frau_lorenz @janeinvll we're starting with Panel 1: "Collecting, Archiving, Access" with @BCannelli about research with #socialmedia corpora; @stouraitis about archiving and preserving; @JCrueger about learnings from Web 1.0 #SMH22
Ankündigung Panel 1 Tagung SocialMediaHistory November 2022. Panelname: Collecting, Archiving, Access 1. Beatrice Cannelli. Vortrag: Social Media Archives: identifying opportunities and limitations to historical researc husing social media corpora. 2. Elias Stouraitis. Vortrag: Archiving and preserving the present of the past: the example of the Greeces bicentennial pbservatory. 3. Jens Crueger. Vortrag: What we can learn about "social media" from Web 1.0
Erstellt am 11/11/2022 auf Twitter