From lunch break to Panel 3: "Producers, Users, Reception" with @Sachunterricht & @stouraitis on participatory (hi)story telling with #socialmedia, @alphaeinhorn on studying historical competencies in social media & @hannam801 on #BigData, #YouTube, #Twitter & TV-series. #SMH22
Überblick Panel 3 Tagung SocialMediaHistory November 2022. Panelname: Producers, Users, Reception. 1. Christian Mathis, Elias Stouraitis. Vortrag: Digital (his)story telling with social media. A Project about participatory history culture. 2. Charlotte Husemann Vortrag: Is the essential invisible to eyes? Proposal for a trinagulation study to inverstigate historical competencies in social media. 3. Hannah Müssemann Vortrag: Big Data and interdisciplinarity - somewhere between dream and nightmare. Using YouTube and Twitter as resources to analyze the impact of telenovelas and TV-series
Erstellt am 11/11/2022 auf Twitter