Now the final Panel 5 of #SMH22: "Algorithms, Bias, Distortion" in #socialmedia with Bulkhia U. Panalondong on distorting #history, Merle Strunk on happy history, Anja Neubert on algorithms & historical agency, Jayashabari Shankar on history & Natural Language Processing
Überblick Panel 5, tagung SocialMediaHistory November 2022. Panelname: Algorithms, Bias, Distortion. 1. Bulkhia U. Panalondong Vortrag: Distorting history and memory through social media: the case of the Phillipines and Marco's historical legacy. 2. merle Strunk Vortrag: About making a happy history: Discussing a positive bias on the past in image-first social networks and it's consequences. 3. Anja Neubert. Vortrag: Lets talk about algorithms! About a previously almost ignored variable in the discourse on historical narratives and histrorical agency on social media. 4. Jayashabari Shankar Vortrag: History for non historians: Analyzing the effectiveness of various natural language processing models used in social media.
Erstellt am 12/11/2022 auf Twitter